Lisa Edelstein's scenes on HOUSE of LIES & Live Tweets

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Lisa Also commented the episode via her Twitter account:


@iaraEdelstein @LisaEdelstein Say hello at least!

‏@LisaEdelstein @iaraEdelstein hello!

‏@SayxK @LisaEdelstein When you had read the script the first time, which part of it was enough strong for you to say: I want to play in the episode

@SayxK i love @IamDonCheadle and the rest of the cast. They are hilarious and fantastic to work with.

‏@Are_Housesita @LisaEdelstein So, is it weird to see yourself on tv?

@LisaEdelstein @Are_Housesita Very. Especially in high def.

‏@TV_VeganGirl @LisaEdelstein What's the biggest difference between doing cable and network television? Thanks for chatting with us tonight!

@LisaEdelstein @TV_VeganGirl Cursing! I'm all for it!

@BrunaCora @LisaEdelstein hi, lisa!love the fact that you play powerful women. is that a important thing to you or it's a coincidence? ♥ from Brazil.

@LisaEdelstein @BrunaCora 2 thngs I'm rarely cast as are shy and catholic.

@Dweebowitz @LisaEdelstein I'm going to put together a script with you as a nun. Although, I'd be forced to make you one of those badass nuns with guns.

@LisaEdelstein @Dweebowitz YES

@br_ass_ilianfan @LisaEdelstein purple is so your color. You look gorgeous in @SHO_HouseOfLies tonight. I love your botox-free face ;)

@LisaEdelstein @br_ass_ilianfan that's such an interesting compliment! ;) thanks...

@Megabby @LisaEdelstein It's thrilling to see you on a comedy. did you feel like the edgy and sarcastic tone of the show was a good match for you?

@LisaEdelstein @Megabby My mother says it was.

@anasyx @LisaEdelstein I whish you share some scenes with @IMKristenBell

@LisaEdelstein @anasyx me too! I love that gal.

@CaughtOffBase @LisaEdelstein WAIT, YOU'RE NOT CATHOLIC?!? Rethinking things...

@LisaEdelstein @CaughtOffBase I foiled again! Bwahahahahah!


Thx so much to all for joining me on this testicle ridden zucchini loving ride!! #HouseOfLies


Scandal Exclusive: House's Lisa Edelstein Has Important Business With Olivia

Scandal Exclusive: House's Lisa Edelstein Has Important Business With Olivia

Lisa Edelstein Scandal Season 2Lisa Edelstein‘s career is about to get rocked by Scandal.

The former House MVP has booked a guest stint on ABC’s sophomore smash, TVLine has learned exclusively.

VIDEO | Spoiler Alert! Tackles Scandal’s Big Game Changey Episode  

According to sources, Edelstein will play a client of Olivia Pope and
Associate on the series, which is returning to a (mostly)
case-of-the-week format in this season’s final nine episodes.

Edelstein’s pos House igs have included a run onThe Good Wife guest stint o Elementary, and an arc on House of Lies current second season.

Cuddy: Bombshells
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Lisa on House of Lies - First Look!

Edelstein Goes From 'House' To 'House' - Exclusive

Lisa Edelstein became one of the most adored actors on television after spending seven years playing Dr. Cuddy on House. But for her latest small screen endeavor, Edelstein is trading one "House" for another as she guest stars on Showtime's sensational House of Lies, beginning February 17 -- and ETonline has your exclusive first look at her in action!

On Lies, Edelstein plays Brynn, a smart and sexy political consultant whom comes up against The Pod. And as you can see from our first look video, Marty instantly takes a shine to the bold and brash brunette.