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Book Series to TV: Lisa Edelstein to Star in ‘The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce’

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Written by on September 16, 2013 at 5:02 pm · 3 comments

We’ve heard of all kinds of books – and yes, even newspaper articles (“The Butler,” anyone?) – being adapted for both the big screen and the small screen.

Now Bravo is taking it one step further. It’s adapting a non-fiction book series into a cable TV pilot, “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce,” based on the bestselling The Girlfriend’s Guide series by Vicki Iovine.

With a pilot written by Marti Noxon (“Glee,” “Mad Men”), author Iovine is also one of the show’s executive producers. And The Hollywood Reporter reports that Lisa Edelstein (“House”) will play the starring role in the series.

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Sarah Stanner

Castle Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Joins Season 6 Cast — What's Her Connection to Beckett?

For those still reading this place, here's some nice news!

Castle Season 6 Cast Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein is trading a House for a Castle.

The TV MVP is joining the ABC hit’s Season 6 cast for a multiple-episode arc, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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The actress will play Rachel McCord, a tough and highly-skilled Federal Investigator whose appearance plays a vital role in Beckett’s decisions about her future.

As you know, Season 5 ended with Beckett considering a move to Washington D.C. to work on a special task force in the U.S. Attorney General’s office — a decision presumably complicated by Rick proposing marriage in the very final scene.

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Edelstein’s post-House credits include stints on The Good Wife, Elementary, House of Lies and, most recently, Scandal.


'Scandal' Exclusive Clip: 'Normal Is Over' for Guest Star Lisa Edelstein

The show is called "Scandal" for a reason.

When the ABC drama returns Thursday after a few weeks off, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) has a doozy of a case on her hands. Her new client is CEO Sarah Stanner (guest star Lisa Edelstein), who's accused of having an affair with President Grant's Supreme Court justice nominee.

When Olivia and the gladiators sweep into Sarah's home, they warn her to close the blinds and take in the trash. Her husband protests that they're just "normal people."

"Normal is over. Normal ended hours ago," Olivia sternly tells them.

"Sarah, they're going to dig up anything and everything about you they can get their hands on -- your trash, your voicemail, your bank statements, your prescription history -- it's all fair game."

Elsewhere in the gladiator-verse, Harrison and Abby struggle to repair their friendship (which was damaged when he helped Olivia fake David Rosen's abusive past), and Huck takes Quinn on as a protégé. Over at the White House, Cyrus and Mellie are still vying for Fitz's trust, but he may give it to someone else. And Jake is still hanging around to flirt with Olivia.

"Scandal" airs Thursdays at 10 PM on ABC.